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My Projects

iCarnival - Developed for Punahou School (2014)

   App Store Link

I directed and was a developer for the team that developed this iOS app for my high school's annual Carnival in my senior year. The App included information about carnival such as hours and location, as well as a social media feed, maps, and a live update system built using the Parse API.

Pic8 - TartanHacks 2016 Submission (2016)

A visual reminders app for iPhone that would allow users to more easily record event details on posters, schedules etc, through pictures of the document rather than enter details in by hand by associating each reminder with a picture. Collaborated with Xinhe Zhang, Phapimol Yoovidhya, and Liuyu Jin

Asteroids in Space! - TartanHacks 2015 Submission (2015)

An interactive game that uses a Myo, a ceiling-mounted projector, and OpenCV to allow the player to play the game Asteroids using the floor as a screen and controlling gameplay with body movement. Was placed in the top 6 rank at TartanHacks 2015. Collaborated with Joe Mertz, Laura Gunsalus, and Shannon Yang

Bartle Test for iOS - Developed for Douglas Kiang (2014)

   App Store Link (Version 1.0)   GitHub Link

A personality test app for use in classrooms based on a test created by Erwin Andreasen and Brandon Downey. Currently implementing ongoing updates. v.1.0 Released in Summer of 2014, v.2.0 set to be finished and released soon

MallocLab - 15-213 Introduction to Computer Systems Project (2015)

An implementation of dynamic memory allocation in C optimized for heaps of size 4GB or lower. When run through a series of test scrips it acheived a utilization of 88% and a throughput 1.15 times that of the GNU C standard library malloc implementation.

Ultraclock - AP Computer Science Term Project (2013)

   GitHub Link

An iOS clock and scheduling app that displays time, date as well as a condensed list of future scheduled events in the user's calendar in a visually appealing and user-friendly manner.

iGo Assistant for iOS (2014)

An iOS app developed in cooperation with a partner to assist in the playing of the board game Go for a high school Buddhist philosophy class; said app included guides to which piece configurations or "shapes" would favor one player or the other, and guides to a variety of sets of starting moves, known as Joseki

OpenSign (2016)

   GitHub Link

A small iOS app made for my personal use that lets the user know whether or not certain dining, shopping and other locations are open.

CMUPreview (2015)

   GitHub Link

A Mac App that I made for a college fair that has digital versions of admissions fact sheets as well as a signup/check-in sheet for a mailing list as well as for tracking of attendance numbers.

15-150 Specmaker (2015)

   GitHub Link

A Mac App to assist in formatting the required function specs in programming assignments for the CMU class 15150: Principles of Functional Programming