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During my IS course at CMU, I have learned the importance of IS, and how much it differs from IT. Whereas IT focused on communicating and retrieving information, IS involves a goal that an organization must achieve. Additionally, since information has to communicated effectively, IT and IS should be combined to optimize an organization's success.

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If there is one place that would be my favorite to travel to, it would be Japan. As someone who is interested in IS and computers in general, Japan has everything that I could have asked for. The technologies presented there are revolutionary, such as a robot that almost acts like a human. Additionally, Japan has a great assortment of shopping departments, ensuring that every visior will be satisfied. Products can range from unique electronic equipment, to standard every day products, though they are of high quality. If I ever feel a need to relax, I can simply take a walk through Japan's many parks. The parks tend to be quiet, giving me time to think about the future ahead. If I need competition, I would visit the arcades and go for the high score. Overall, Japan is an amazing place to stay in, due to filling the needs for everyone.

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