I am a student at CMU-Q, and my major is Information Systems. The reason as to why I took IS as my major is due to my interest in computers ever since I was young. When I was young, I often spend a lot of time using my personal computer, whether to explore the web, or to experiment with different features of the computer. In general, I am very interested in knowing more about computers and its impacts in society.

Before I was admitted to CMU-Q, I was in a high school named DBS. It had IGCSE and IB as its academic programs. In both programs, I mainly focused on Information Technology, which is what motivated me into taking IS at CMU-Q. I work hard during my academic life so that I would one day become an IT consultant at Teyseer, so that I could help people with computer related problems.

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  • DBS high school - 2015
  • CMU-Q - Current

My Hobbies

Computers I generally study anything related to comupters, such as IS
Movies Enjoyed movies that have a deep plot