I am a freshment student at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar.Al-Bayan Independent School was the high school that I graduated from. It helped and prepared me so much for university. We used to take IT classes that teach us programing most of the time. They taught us HTML, C++, and Java. So I have a background about these programs and it is helping me nowadays in University and especially in my career, which will be in Information Systems. At the beginning, I thought that I want to be a businesswoman in the future. But last year, after I had a python workshop at CMU-Q, I found out that I like programming but did not want to go deep in it. So, My parents told that Information Systems is the right major for me because it is a combination of business and Information systems. In addition, I met a senior girl last year at an event at CMU, and she was majoring in Information Systems. She told me how she enjoyed studying Information Systems. She said that it is a flexible major, which means that you do not have to study business for the rest of life, or to study computer sciences all the time. Instead, you can study some courses from each major and have broader information. She had a really big influence on me.

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  • Programming Languages: C++, Java
  • Software: Mac OS, Windows
  • Computer Skills: Microsoft word, Outlook, excel and PowerPoint

My Hobbies

Drawing I have drawing skills
photography I like to take pictures of nature

Aims in my life

  1. To become a manager in my field
  2. To have a PHD degree
  3. To make something useful for my country

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