Pittsburgh Penguin Images

This page provides links to all the Penguin images that I have downloaded from various sources. Some are JPEG's and some are GIF's. If you have or know of where I can find some others, please let me know.
Barrasso - Tommy makes a save against the Canadians at the Civic Arena
Barrasso - Barrasso makes a save against Adam Graves in New York
Barrasso - Tommy covers the puck at the Civic Arena
Barrasso - Cool black and white photo of Barrasso decking Mark Tinordi in the crease at Pittsburgh
Barrasso - Tommy makes a save against Alexander Daigle in Ottawa
Berehowsky - Card featuring Penguin minor leaguer in a NHLPA uniform
Dziedzic - Joe upsets a Capital in Washington
Francis - Ronnie just after getting rid of the puck on the road
Francis - Francis fights off an Islander in New York
Francis - Closeup of St. Ron taking a faceoff on the road
Francis - Card featuring Francis stickhandling at Edmonton
Francis - Teammates congratulate Ronnie after he scores his 800th assist at the Civic Arena
Francis - St. Ron starting up ice at the Civic Arena
Jagr - Jagr getting tied up by a Flame at Pittsburgh
Jagr - Jaromir works around the net in a game against Montreal at the Civic Arena
Jagr - Mario Jr. looks for a pass against the Sabres at Buffalo
Jagr - Upper Deck Card displaying Jags skating in away uniform
Jagr - Jagr fends off Buffalo defenseman at Civic Arena 
Jagr - Mario Jr. takes a shot against Philly at Pittsburgh
Jagr - Jags in his rookie season on the road
Joseph - Joseph being congratulated by Robitaille and Co. after Chris scored at the Civic Arena
Lemieux - Lemieux (Old Home Uni) being raped by Chicago defenseman
Lemieux - Mario displays his stickhandling at a game in Florida
Lemieux - Lemieux looks on in a game against Florida at Pittsburgh
Lemieux - The Magnificent One skates after a puck in a game against the Caps (Old Uniform) in Washington
Lemieux - Super Mario in a game against the Sharks at the Civic Arena
Lemieux - Card featuring Lemieux making a shot in his NHLPA uniform
Lemieux - The Magnificient one scores on the road
Lemieux - Super Mario escapes a check by Mark Messier at New York
Mironov - Dmitri in his Toronto Road Jersey
Mironov - Upper Deck card featuring Tree in his Toronto Road Jersey
Murray - Glen scores a backhand shot against Thibealt in Pittsburgh
Naslund - Card featuring Penguin winger being pressured against the boards in a game at Detroit
Nedved - Petr stickhandling in his Ranger Road Jersey
Nedved - Same Picture on an Upper Deck Card
Nedved - Petr skates away from a hook by Wayne Gretsky at Pittsburgh
Nedved - Nedved fights three Mighty Ducks at the Civic Arena
Park - Richard gets mauled by Craig Muni at Buffalo
Sandstrom - Tomas awaiting faceoff in Penguin road game
Sandstrom - Sandstrom works against Capital in game at Washington
Sandstrom - Tomas trips an Avalanche player at Colorado
Wilkinson - Neil gets tied up with a Red Wing in his Jet uniform at Winnipeg
Wregget - Kenny makes a save in Penguin road game
Wregget - Upper Deck card featuring Wregget making a glove save
Wregget - Kenny makes a save against Leclair at Philadelphia
Zubov - Sergei handles the puck his Ranger home uniform

Former Pens:

McIver - Norm in his Ottawa Road Jersey
McIver - Action photo of Norm again in his Ottawa Road Jersey
McKenzie - Jim fixes his shoulder pads in a Penguin road game
Mullen - Joey in action against Caps at Washington (Both teams wearing old unis)
Murphy - Murph handles the puck in his Penguin Road Jersey
Murphy - Upper Deck card showing Larry on his knees in a Penguin road game
Robitaille - Lucky Luc on the move in Penguin road game
Robitaille - Robitaille stickhandling in his home King jersey
Stevens - Kevin skates warmup on the road
Stevens - Stevens shoots against Sabres in Buffale
Stevens - Another shot of Kevin in his Penguin road jersey
Samuelsson - Ulfie skates away from Penguin net in a road game
Young - Wendell tends the net in his Chicago Wolves uniform