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Welcome to my page dedicated to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Feel free to browse at your leisure. This page is currently under construction and any suggestions are welcome.

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(10/13) I found a more frequently updated stat link which I added to my page. You should find a new bio page for Kevin Hatcher under the Roster section as well as a summary for Saturday's win and a preview for Wednesday's game against the Rangers.
(10/15) The Preview for the Rangers has been updated since their win on Tuesday night. Neil Wilkinson's page is now updated as well.

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October 13, 1996

Hey, in case you missed it, the Pens finally won their first game of the year. However, they just barely did. The Pens beat the Ottawa Senators Saturday night at the Igloo. After trailing 2-1 midway through the game, the Pens went ahead on goals by Nedved and Lemieux to win it 3-2. The brightest point of the game is that the Pens finally held a team to 30 shots. If they can keep every team to thirty shots, the highly talented offense should be able to win 90% of the games (or so we think) At any rate, the Pens power play checked in at 40% and Lemieux continues to put up the numbers with a goal and an assist. Word is that this was the Pens first game without a Toronto scout in the seats. Cliff Fletcher, Toronto's GM, has stated publically that he is interested in Bryan Smolinski and it is believed that he has placed Dmitiri Yushkevich on the table. However, talks have not worked out yet. I believe Craig is probably courting other suitors with Washington at the top of the list.

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