October 8, 1996

Fortunately for me, I missed last night's game because the Pens were once again trounced by a less talented team. The final score was 7-3. The Pens have now given up 85 shots in their last two games. Apparently the additions of Hatcher and Muni have not had the desired effects. Mario at least has started where he left off last season. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette said that he has had a hand in four of Pittsburgh's six goals this season. Care to talk of trade rumors? These are a few of the reported trades I have heard about for Smoke. 1) Mark Tinordi (Washington) Age 30 2) Scott Lachance (New York Isles) Age 23 3) Bryan Marchment (Edmonton) Age 27 4) Eric Weinrich (Chicago) Age 29 5) Dmitri Yushkevich (Toronto) Age 24 I see Tinordi as the most likely because it addresses both teams needs. However, from what I've Heard the Toronto deal is definitely on the table. I would personally like to see the Pens get one of the younger players since Muni and Hatcher are both 30+ as well as Mironov and Daigneault. Wilkinson is up there as well checking in at 29. While age is definitely not everything, (the best d-men in the league (Chelios, Leetch, Coffey, etc.) are all older) I would like to see some young legs back there who can play twenty minutes a game without being tired. Tamer and Bergkvist can't do it all. Well that's my two cents. Let me know what you think or if you have heard other rumors.