October 6, 1996

The Pens waived Kevin Todd yesterday. He was immediately picked up by the Mighty Ducks. Apparently, the Penguins were not impressed with his play during the preseason. Most insiders agreed that Todd would center the third line and that Bryan Smolinski (who held that role last season) would be traded for Defense. Is it possible that the Pens are close to signing Smoke and want to keep him around? I don't know, but the projected fourth line center, Tyler Wright, has been hurt and not performed up to expectations. I doubt he will be the #3 Center. However, Jan Hrdina, a young prospect has exceeded all expectations and startled some of the Penguin brass. Perhaps they plan to use him on the third line. The most likely situation is that Dan Quinn will center the third line and Wright will be on the fourth with Hrdina filling the role Richard Park, who had a terrible camp, did last season with Smoke still being traded (most likely to Washington) I don't know. Only time will tell. Lines announced for season opener: Antoski-Lemieux-Sandstrom Mullen-Francis-Jagr Roche-Quinn-Murray