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User Website Directory

Here you can find a listing of all users on the CMU Andrew system known to have a public website reachable via the contributed webserver.

To locate a user, choose to browse by either Andrew ID or last name above.

Generally, the website of a user with the login name user can be located at http://www.contrib.andrew.cmu.edu/~user


Privacy concerns?

Only webpages located in your ~/www directory for which you have granted "system:anyuser rl" access can be found through this service. If you have not placed a public webpage in your home directory and explicitly granted access to it, it will not be listed in this index. However, be aware that CMU publishes a separate public database through which your login name and data about you can be found (unless you choose to opt out; see http://www.cmu.edu/myandrew for details) that is independent of this list.

Additionally, you should be aware that any data placed in your "www" directory is visible to anyone who might request it from the webserver. Whether or not someone can locate you in this list, publicly published data remains public!

I still want out!

In deference to concerns that members of the community may have about the presence of this list, you can choose to remove yourself from it. To do so, place a file called .contrib.conf in your "www" directory containing the text userindex.optout = yes on a line by itself. The next time our data collection script runs (typically weekly), your website will be excluded.

Again, note that this will not actually remove your website (someone who knows or can guess its location can still locate it). To remove it from view of the contributed webserver completely, remove the "www" directory in your home AFS directory, or restrict access to it by removing permissions for "system:anyuser".


For problems with the contributed webserver itself or issues with this user index, contact: CMU Computer Club Webmaster / webmaster@club.cc.cmu.edu