The day that Kyat and Dave missed my birthday:

My first birthday cake. I was happy until the sadness set in....

I shed my first tears with Nik Dove. It was unbelievably emotional.

I then visited Eric. We cried somemore.

After Eric and I were done crying, I went over to Wolf Wolfe's desk and cried with Don.

All of this crying made me hungry... so I ate some pizza.

I kept spilling tears all over everyone's pizza.

Eric came over and cried some more with me.

Ballons proved to be no match for my tears.

Not even two ballons could fix my tears.

I was so sad that I couldn't even show how old I was.

Eric decided to help. But we messed up my age because we were so sad.

We finally regained enough composure to take another photo.

I received another birthday cake... it was so pretty. This one was from the HC. It was so delicious... but we still cried on it.

This present is the best in the entire world, but I'll still cry.

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.