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02: OCOPPointCloud

OCOPPointCloud Definition    download .ghx

The geometric and symbolic structures of collections need not be the same. Here, the symbolic structure is a linear sequence, while there is no geometric structure, just randomness. This sample places uniformly-distributed random points within a rectangular bounding box. Its parameterization must thus describe count the number of points; lowerLeft a coordinate system that defines the lower-left corner of the bounding box; and boundX, boundY and boundZ, reals that describe the location of the upper right corner of the bounding box. In this special case, the range of the function is a rigid body transformation of the domain. This means that the uniform distribution defined in the domain will persist into the range. Imagine though using a random distribution in spherical coordinates!      ... more on Design Patterns CA

OCOPPointCloud Manipulations

OCOPPointCloud Manipulations02

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