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04: MappSineRoof

MappSineRoof Definition    download .ghx

You have a site in which has certain boundaries and height. You want to create a sine-like roof that fits into this site. Create a sine curve function. In order to create this roof too need to have Jig as loft curves for the roof. In this sample, you have two curves to create the roof, one at the start and another one at the end point of the site. These curves can be created as two worlds from one function( you have different dimension for start and end of the site) first step is to divide worlds' domain (world one and two) to the number of samples that you want. Find their equivalents in the function's domain(see SinePart sample from Mapping) To have this world's range you can create new coordinate systems for start and end point of the site and assign this values to these coordinate systems. ... more on Design Patterns CA

MappSineRoof Manipulations

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