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02: JigScallop

JigScallop Definition    download .ghx

In plan, the geometry of a scallop is approximately that of a circular arc. The base of the scallop is a chord of the arc. Any point on the edge of the circle will subtend a constant angle with the base.

The idea is to "open" up the base of the scallop---to turn it from a line into a vertical rectangle. The Jig is a sequence of triangles on horizontal planes arrayed vertically from the base line. The apex of each triangle is the projection of a point on the circle onto the plane of the triangle. There are three constants here: angle subtended on the circle, spacing of base points on the circle and vertical spacing of the jig elements. Controllers could be put on each of these to open a design space for the surface.      ... more on Design Patterns CA

JigScallop Manipulations