Professional Background

I am a post doctoral research fellow at the Department of Engineering and Public Policy and an Adjunct Faculty at the Heinz School of Public Policy and Management at Carnegie Mellon University.


My research interests concern the impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) on firms’ innovation processes and the ethical issues associated with the use of ICT in organizations.


I am also collaborating with the Catholic University of Lisbon on the start up of the Institute of Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (Nucleo de ética empresarial) and the organization of a five-year conference series on Information and Business ethics issues (


I am currently working in several research projects with Prof. Francisco Veloso (Carnegie Mellon University), Prof. Stefano Brusoni (Bocconi University), Prof. Peter Madsen (Carnegie Mellon University), Prof. Ronaldo Parente (Rutgers University) and Hugo Horta (IST, Lisbon & Carnegie Mellon University).


Current Academic Positions


Department of Engineering and Public Policy

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Heinz School  of Public Policy and Management

Adjunct Faculty (Spring 2007)



Business and Economics School - Faculdade de Ciências Económicas e Empresariais

Post Doctoral Research Fellow




Ph.D in Industrial Engineering and Management

Advisors: Prof. Manuel Heitor (Instituto Superior Tecnico), Francisco Veloso (Carnegie Mellon University) and Stefano Brusoni (Bocconi University)



Master in Supply Chain Management



Master in Structural Engineering (5-year degree)



Working papers

Vaccaro A., Veloso, F., Parente R. 2006. Virtual Knowledge Management, Innovation Capabilities, and Firm Performance, Accepted for Presentation at the INFORM 2006, Pittsburgh.


Vaccaro, A., Brusoni S., Veloso F.  The role of ICT on technological knowledge based processes: an empirical investigation, Accepted at the Organization Science Winter Conference 2007.


Vaccaro, A., Brusoni S., Veloso F. The Virtualization of knowledge creation processes: an empirical investigation. working paper. Carnegie Mellon University #4123201778


Vaccaro A., Horta H. 2007. Transparency and ICT: accountability perspectives in the Academia, working paper, Accepted for Presentation at the ICT, Transparency and Social Responsibility Conference 2007.


Vaccaro A., Madsen, P. 2007. Information Transparency ethical questions and perspectives for contemporary firms, working paper, Carnegie Mellon University.



Selected Publications

Vaccaro, A., Madsen P., ICT, Non Governmental Organizations and Transparency: Ethical Concerns and Perspectives, Forthcoming in Proceedings  of CEPE 2007.


Madsen P., Vaccaro A. The Parmalat Case, Forthcoming in: Case studies in Business ethics, Eds. Donaldson T.,  Gini A., Prentice Hall.


Vaccaro, A. 2006. Privacy, Security and Transparency: ICT-related ethical perspectives and contrasts in contemporary firms. In D. Howcroft, E.  Trauth , J. I. DeGross (Eds). Social Inclusion: Societal and Organizational Implications for Information Systems. New York. U.S.: Springer.


Vaccaro, A., P. Madsen. 2006. Firms’ Information Transparency: Ethical questions in the Information Age. In J. Berleur (Eds.) Social Informatics: An Information Society for All? New York. U.S.: Springer.


Vaccaro A. and F. Veloso, The role of ICT on technological knowledge based processes: an empirical investigation, Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Technology Policy and Innovation, Lodz 6-8 July 2005.


Vaccaro, A., Foglizzo P. 2004. The Deregulation of the Energy Market in Italy, Aggiornamenti Sociali, November, pp. 539-550. .


Consultancy & Applied Research

During the last  years I worked on several projects of consultancy and applied research. Among others I have collaborated with: Artsana Group, Tecnotre, Volkswagen Autoeuropa, Centro Ricerche Fiat and the IN+ Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research.



Teaching Experience

Carnegie Mellon University

Heinz School of Public Policy & Management

Ethics and Information Networks,   Instructor (with Peter Madsen) (Spring, 2007)


Carnegie Mellon University

Tepper School of Business

Statistics and Decision Making, Head of TAs (Fall, 2006)


Carnegie Mellon University

School of Engineering

Computer, Society & Ethics, TA & Invited Lecturer (Spring, 2006)







Ph.D., Management and Industrial Engineering, IST

Antonino Vaccaro

Post Doctoral Research Fellow & Adjunct Faculty