An initiative fostering transparency


In the last few decades, recurrent scandals across the globe have challenged the public’s trust for any kind of organization such as firms, no-profit and governmental institutions.


While there is no ‘silver bullet’ that will prevent corruption, fraud, and malfeasance, transparency starts to be acknowledged as an important component in the business practices of contemporary organizations.


Since the 2005 the Transparency Initiative at Carnegie Mellon University focuses its efforts on the analysis of ethical, corporate social responsibility and public policy concerns associated with the transparency issue.


The activities of The Transparency Initiative @ Carnegie Mellon University include:


Ž Development of empirical and theoretical research on the transparency issue in multinational firms, Non Governmental Organizations and Higher Education Institutions~.


Ž Organization of a five-year conference series ( in collaboration with the School of Business and Economics of the Catholic University of Lisbon


Ž Organization of courses, seminars and other events for managers, policy makers and students.



The Director of the Transparency Initiative @ Carnegie Mellon University is Peter Madsen, Distinguished Service Professor of Ethics and Social Responsibility at Carnegie Mellon University and Executive Director of CMU’s Center for the Advancement of Applied Ethics and Political Philosophy. 


Antonino Vaccaro, Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Engineering and Public Policy and Adjunct Faculty at the J. Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management, and Hugo Horta, visiting research Scholar at the Department of Engineering and Public Policy are co-founders of this Initiative.