We practice World Taekwondo Federation style. The Carnegie Mellon Sport Taekwondo Club strives to provide a safe and fun environment for those that are interested in martial arts. We are open to any and all that are interested in our campus community, and welcome those with absolutely no experience along with people who are at a higher level. Come check out our practices, and feel free to email any one of the admins for more information.

Feel free to join any practice and also checkout the inspiration video below, it is semi cheezy and semi epic.



ECTC Rules for Competitions

Poomse (Taeguk)

Taeguk il Jang
Taeguk ih Jang
Taeguk sam Jang
Taeguk sah Jang
Taeguk oh Jang
Taeguk yook Jang
Taeguk chil Jang
Taeguk pal Jang

Dan Poomse

Koryo (1st Dan)
Keumgang(2nd Dan)
Taebaek (3rd Dan)
Pyongwon (4th Dan)