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Dec 3 Common Sense for a New Century, by Howard Dean
Howard Dean published a flyer online today addressing the pressing issues of where we are, where we have come from, where we can go and how we can get there. Check it out online it is a great informative source.
Dec 3 Dean -So Far- Seems to have no Achilles' Heel (USA Today)
Blessed with money and momentum, Howard Dean has become a modern-day Achilles dominating the Democratic presidential race. His increasingly desperate rivals are certain that Dean has a hidden weakness. But like the destined-for-defeat Trojans on the Homeric battlefields, they can't seem to find it.
Dec 3 PA Students have electoral power (CNN)
One of the country's few truly unpredictable swing states, Pennsylvania is more or less evenly split between its Democratic cities and staunchly Republican center. So every vote counts.
Dec 3

Dean to help Boswell; no strings attached (Des Moines Register)
Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean said Tuesday he will raise money for Iowa Congressman Leonard Boswell's re-election campaign, with no expectation of an endorsement by the sought-after Iowan...

"Leonard said he's going to remain neutral. He'll remain neutral. We're not doing this to get Leonard Boswell's endorsement," Dean said in a telephone interview while campaigning in central Iowa.

Dec 3 Poll: Dean holds his own in NH, Kerry keeps falling
Deans maintains a strong lead with 42%
Kerry falls to 12, Clark 9, Lieberman 7, Edwards 4, Gephardt 3
Dec 2 Poll: Dean Leads in Iowa
Deans pushed back into the lead with 26%
Gephardt 22, Kerry 9, Edwards 5, Clark 4
Dec 1

No Wonder Howard Dean Is so Angry (BusinessWeek)
Howard Dean is testy. Doesn't play well with others. Has a chip of Vermont granite on the shoulder of his buttoned-down shirt. Is too negative. Acts like an angry short guy. Doesn't have the temperament to be President.

That's the rap that Republicans and, more viciously, Stop-Dean Democrats want to pin on Dr. Populist. Trying to peg him as an opponent of Medicare fell flat. And efforts to tar him as insensitive at best and racist at worst for suggesting that the Democratic Party reach out to poor white Southerners who fly the Confederate flag doesn't seem to have changed many minds. In fact, it may have backfired among the pickup-truck bubbas and rebel-yellers who recognize that someone besides Republicans might actually be paying attention to them.

Dec 1 Dr. expresses his concern on World AIDS Day
Democratic presidential candidate Governor Howard Dean, M.D., marked tomorrow's World AIDS Day, by announcing that he would honor the country's national and international commitments to combat the pandemic of HIV/AIDS. He today released policy proposals aimed at combating AIDS both here in the U.S. and across the globe.
Nov 23 Poll: Dean Gaining Lead in Massachusetts
Deans is pushing ahead with 27%
Kerry down to 23, Clark a distant third with 6,
Nov 23 Poll: Dean Leads Dem Hopefuls in New York State
Deans enjoys a large lead with 21%.
Clark 9, Kerry 7, Gephardt 7, Lieberman 6, Sharpton 6.
Nov 23 Poll: Dean with Wide Lead in New Hampshire
Deans way ahead of the pack with 44%.
Kerry a distant second with 23%, while the other candidates trail with single digits including retired General Wesley Clark whose support has declined since a similar poll conducted in September.
Nov 21 Asian American and Pacific Islanders Support Dean
The AAPI welcomed Dean to their Town Hall Meeting last month and have come out in full support of him as their presidential Candidate.

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Nov 20 Dean Proposes $7.1B To Help Cover College Costs
Taking a page from philanthropists who adopt elementary school classes and promise to pay tuition for those who make it to college, Howard Dean proposed a $7.1 billion program on Thursday to guarantee eighth graders who commit to higher education $10,000 a year in grants and loans.
Nov 20 2 Large Unions Plan A Big Push For Dean
Leaders of two of the nation's largest and most politically sophisticated unions vowed Wednesday to flood early primary states with volunteers and cash on behalf of Howard Dean, predicting that their endorsements could narrow the nine-person Democratic presidential contest.
Nov 20 Dean Promises Campaign Finance Reform
After dealing what could be a major blow to the current public financing structure for presidential campaigns, Democratic hopeful Howard Dean vowed Monday to fix the system if he captures the White House.
Nov 14 Country Music for Howard Dean
Songwriter Dan Tyler, who has written 5 number one songs and has had dozens of his songs recorded by major artists, has written a tribute song called 'the Doctor is In' available for download online.
Nov 13 New Plan for Higher Education
Howard Dean today announced his plan to ensure that the dream of a college education is never denied because of a family's financial situation, that students are given incentives to complete high school and apply to college, and that debt does not prevent graduates from serving the community in a job they love.
Nov 12 SEIU and AFSCME Endorse Dean for America
Two of the nations most powerful unions overcame a long time rivalry united by common enthusiasm for Howard Dean. The two unions will provide the support an additional 3.1 million members to Dean's grass roots campaign. (SEIU with1.6m, AFSCME with 1.5m).
Nov 08

Dean Supporters Vote No on Public Financing
On Saturday it was announced that by a 85 percent-15 percent margin the half a million people who make up the Dean for America campaign voted to decline public financing.
Howard Dean voiced his support of public financing, but stated that the unabashed actions of this president to thwart the democratic processes with a flood of special interests money has forced [them] to abandon a broken system.

Nov 06 Dean regains lead in National Poll
Dean leads with 15%,
Clark 10, Gephardt 9, Lieberman 9, Kerry 7
Nov 06

Dean is unchallenged in NH polls
Dean leads with 38%,
Kerry 24, Lieberman 4, Clark 4, Edwards 4, Gephardt 3

Oct 16 Dean leads in all aspects of Campaign Contribution History
In all the year-to-date total is over 233,5000 donors and the total is $25.4 million.
Some 201,000 contributions were made to the Dean campaign in the third quarter and 70 percent of those giving were first-time donors. The average contribution was $73.69 (online $61.14; offline $86.76).
Also of note, in the last 10 days of the quarter, the campaign raised $5 million. In all, the Dean campaign has over $12 million on hand. Where is the money going? They now have 13 state directors and have been on the air in most early primary states (eight of nine total). The campaign has also ramped up staff sizes in Iowa and New Hampshire, and unlike most campaigns, the candidate is flying on a chartered plane. As for the burn rate, Campaign Manager Joe Trippi said he was not worried. However, he also pointed out the campaign would qualify for at least $19 million in matching funds should they go that route. Some color: The final FEC report from the campaign will be more than six feet tall. A picture can be seen on
Oct 14 Media realizes: Dean is the emerging the Champion
"All year, Howard Dean has been gaining ground in the Democratic presidential race. And all year, Democratic centrists have been scrambling for a candidate to stop him. He's too liberal, they said. He's soft on defense, a Vermont lefty, an evangelist for expansive programs. To stop him, they turned to Joe Lieberman, then John Kerry, then Wes Clark. But the more Dean's rivals expose his record, the more I suspect that the centrist who's going to spare Democrats this left-wing nightmare isn't any of these guys. It's Howard Dean. . ."
Oct 14 Howard Dean Leads in Polls of Nation
Dean leads with 17%,
Gephardt 13, Clark 12, Kerry 10, Lieberman 9
Oct 10 Howard Dean Leads in Polls of Michigan
Epic-MRA 10-10-03
Dean 21%, Clark 15%, Kerry 13%, Lieberman 12%,

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