Map Topo at Greenfield

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Here's the description of the trip by Hwee Kuan, if you are interested, feel free to email him at


for the first outing, i am thinking of a topo exercise at greenfield.

i'm sure its going to be very fun exploring that part of pittsburgh.

greenfield is hilly and therefore there are some nice views of

pittsburgh from that place. greenfield is a safe and pleasant



date/time/place :

as many people are not going to be around this

weekend, and next week is spring break, i am planning the trip on

wednesday. 10 am - 5 pm. meet up at wean 5th floor lobby. you may just

show up on that day but sending me e-mail to confirm is preferred.

the exercise will go as follows:

(0) i will print out maps of greenfield with all road labels blanked out

and mark check points on the map.


  1. depending on the number of people, we will be divided into groups.
  2. one group will lead the way with the blanked out map while another group will be the monitors with the 'real' map. the leading group will use the blanked map to go from check point to check point. while the monitoring group will confirm the check point's position and ensure that the whole group will not be 'lost in greenfield'.
  3. groups will change roles after a few check points.
  4. depending on the number of people, there may be three groups instead of two. then there will be a leading group, monitoring group and a backup group. the backup group will be given the blanked out maps, they will not lead, but has to know where they are at all times.


please reply if you are interested so that i can plan. for updates,

please read the ssa bboard, i prefer not to send mass mails.


also, we are planning a pinic kind of lunch, so please bring water and

some food so that we can pinic.

things to bring:

  1. good pair of walking shoes.
  2. food and water for lunch.
  3. a little bit of money for dinner at the end of the topo trip.
  4. bus tickets (if u have) so that we can take bus home from our destination.

some people has been asking me if it is going to be strenous, i can

assure you that the pace will be completely on your own. i will not

lead, you will lead and set the pace.