Night Market


On a beautiful Spring night, we participated in a good old Pasar Malam right in front of the University Center, enjoying all the dazzling light bulbs, the tantalising, greasy scents of food sizzling in the wok, the incessant cries of vendors, the constant banter of bargain-hunters, and most of all, soaking in that wonderful, wonderful  atmosphere of the open-air night market. Our SSA store sold Ngoh Hiang, Keropok, Guo Tie, Bandung and of course, the delicate dragonflies that we made during the Handicraft-making session previously.

Unveiled below are some of the scenes of Night Market '99, which would not have became reality if not for the generous help rendered by everyone, especially the following:

  • The tireless chefs: Mui Leng, Weibing, Hwee Kuan, Denise, Choon Hong , Daryl, Sylvia
  • Decor team: Eugene, Hanhua, Sylvia
    • Loved the lightbulbs!
  • Superb logistical support: Pang Mein for driving us down to the Strip
  • Enterprising vendors:
    • Denise & Choon Hong for their on-the-spot cuilinary flair
    • Daryl, Ming Fai, Desney for dynamic accounts management
    • Peck, Sy Bor, Eugene, Sylvia, Gene, Alex, Hanhua, David, Seggy and Rhys for doing their best to re-enact Pasar Market activities (we'll leave that to your imagination!)
      • E.g. Salespersons of the year: Eugene, Gene, Rhys & Peck - For carrying trays of bandung around (even into McConomy to woo the movie crowd!) and "die-die-must-sell"-ingly advertising SSA merchandise.


tn_night_market_08_jpg.jpg (4634 bytes) Welcome to our stall! tn_night_market_09_m_jpg.jpg (5913 bytes) ...amidst this massive crowd of people, tn_night_market_15_jpg.jpg (5012 bytes)
students, professors, neighbouring residents, nms99_crowd1.jpg all of whom came to get a piece of the action. nms99_crowd4.jpg Hey, who's managing that brightly-lit stall over yonder?
nms99_terence.jpg   Duhhhh....which one ah? tn_night_market_13_jpg.jpg (5274 bytes) This one lah! nms99_fryfood.jpg
We were definitely keep busy by the constant stream of people - nms99_crowd2.jpg both vendors and customers, tn_night_market_11_jpg.jpg (5866 bytes) getting a bite of the delicacies, a shot at the games,
nms99_crowd3.jpg or soaking up the lively atmosphere tn_night_market_05_jpg.jpg (4077 bytes) reminiscent of the familiar pasar malams nms99_crowdagain.jpg
which you happily explored with your friends.. tn_night_market_16_jpg.jpg (4785 bytes) and here in the USA, tn_night_market_20_jpg.jpg (5001 bytes) once again we have the chance
nms99_3guys.jpg to share this unique night bazaar nms99_grouppic.jpg with our new friends! nms99_rhysexplore.jpg
The fun part was defintely in manning the stall, tn_nm99_cooking_jpg.jpg (6226 bytes) Setting it up, cardboard pillars, strings of paper cranes, light bulbs, table-cloth and all... nms99_preparedrink.jpg Mixing up the Bandung, making the Ngoh Hiang, the Guo Tie,
nms99_poison_drink.jpg the keropok, frying them on the spot and braving the wildly splattering oil, nms99_gene.jpg A lot of enterprise is called for! (it also didn't hurt to have living attractions!) tn_night_market_18_jpg.jpg (4785 bytes)
Of course in the midst of work tn_nm99_stealfood_jpg.jpg (5277 bytes) we couldn't resist  "kop"-ing some food tn_nm99_hh_jpg.jpg (5452 bytes) in order to gain strength to serve  hordes of people
tn_night_market_14_m_jpg.jpg (5088 bytes) but hey, don't worry, we prepared enough! nms99_cookfood.jpg It was fun showing people the finer points of Carrom nms99_carrom.jpg
definitely an activity  that will catch on here tn_night_market_06_m_jpg.jpg (4628 bytes) and in promoting all our goodies nms99_salesman.jpg But mostly, everyone was
tn_nm99_3ladies_jpg.jpg (5379 bytes) walkin' around,munching contentedly, nms99_hweeml.jpg simply looking good : ) tn_nm99_2ladies_ch_jpg.jpg (5074 bytes)
aiyah, basically enjoying ourselves lah. tn_night_market_19_jpg.jpg (7131 bytes) Yet another great event...cheers! *Burp*

Photographs kindly supplied by Muileng, Wu Wei and Sy Bor

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