第 一 幕 ﹕ 南 宋 時 期 ( 1127 -- 1279 ) 1 min 33 secs, marketplace

( 音 樂 起 ﹐ 繁 忙 的 市 集 ﹐ 人 群 來 來 往 往 ﹐ 街 上 的 百 姓 都 為 生 活 而 忙 ぴ ﹐ 一 片 喧 譁 。 )

(Music In, sound of a market place, actors on stage starts their activity)

(Lights in)

南 宋 時 期 ﹐ 商 業 繁 榮 ﹐ 科 技 上 的 成 就 顯 著 ﹐ 理 學 盛 行 ﹐ 文 學 方 面 也 創 造 了 中 國 歷 史 上 的 令 一 高 鋒 。 人 民 豐 衣 足 食 ﹐ 國 太 民 安 。 (If we have americans joining us for the play, we can add in "Err..... 南 宋 在 這 時 ﹐ 也 有 許 多 從 世 界 各 地 而 來 的 賓 客 拜 訪 。 ". We can get caucasians in funky costume to appear, we can get jugglers too. A joyous and rather comical scene)

Props: 3 Stores, One store that sells food, those type of stores that sell noodles with a table and a small roof. One store set up on the floor, with items for sale on a piece of cloth and one store that sells artifacts sitting on a low table.

We need: 3 storeholders, Jugglers, foreigners, passerbys (6 or more). Rattan hats, fans, birdcage (if possible), 扁 擔 ﹐ baskets, people to perform Wushu, basically to make the scene look busy, full of activity and have the look of a marketplace.


第 二 幕 ﹕ 蒙 古 進 軍 ( 1271 ) 1 min 50 secs, at marketplace

(music in)

(with the start of the second song, the people on stages looks alarmed. They felt that something is happening, but they don't really know what. People on the the state having worried expressions on their faces, and they started looking around in shock.

when the trumpets start sounding, the mongolian soldiers start appearing, group by group from both sides of the stage, and maybe even the center, thru the UC door.

when the tempo of the music starts getting fast, lights starts flashing, a scene of chaos begins. the soldier starts their invasion, attack the people on stage. They continue to move in their groups, running around destroying the things on the stage, overturning stalls, killing people.

At the very last part of the music, the soldiers get together for a short war dance, and end with a sign of victory, maybe raising their weapons high, lights stop flashing)

1206 年 ﹐ 蒙 古 貴 族 在 斡 (wuo4) 南 河 源 召 開 大 會 ﹐ 推 舉 鐵 木 真 為 大 漢 ﹐ 尊 稱 “ 成 吉 思 漢 ” ﹐ 建 立 了 蒙 古 政 權 。

蒙 古 政 權 建 立 以 後 ﹐ 先 後 征 服 和 攻 滅 畏 兀 (wu4) 兒 ﹐ 吐 蕃 ﹐ 西 夏 和 金 朝 。 1271 忽 必 烈 正 式 定 國 號 為 元 。 蒙 古 貴 族 滅 金 後 ﹐ 轉 向 南 宋 進 攻 。

Props: Weapons, 6 or more mongols, in groups of 2 or 3. If we don't have enough people to act as mongolians, we can let some of the people in the first scene 'transform' into mongolians, the foreigners maybe)


第 三 幕 ﹕ 抗 戰 1 min 20 secs, at marketplace

(music in, heroes make a stunning entrance. For now, we have Ming Fai, Wee Choon and Seggy as the three heroes. The first ten seconds will see these three coming in, entering from stage left (from the perspective of the actors), doing all sorts of martial arts gesture to make their presense known. Well, this is a comic scene...

When the singing starts, the heroes starts their attack upon the mongolian soldiers. There three heroes will be protraited as stereotypical heroes, so they will be very 蕭 灑 。 Killing the enemy with almost no effort at all and even in the most unimaginable way. The heroes will force the enemy from stage left to stage right)

南 宋 軍 民 進 行 了 英 勇 抵 抗 。 抗 戰 大 使 文 天 祥 率 領 義 軍 轉 戰 江 西 ﹐ 福 建 ﹐ 廣 東 一 帶 ﹐ 收 復 了 江 西 一 些 縣 城 。 此 外 ﹐ 江 湖 上 黑 白 兩 道 的 英 雄 們 都 各 自 放 下 了 私 人 恩 怨 ﹐ 聯 手 抵 抗 外 患 。 許 多 隱 居 以 久 的 江 湖 傳 奇 人 物 也 都 在 這 時 一 一 出 現 。

(Props: create signs saying "First Attack, 2000pts" or "4 hit combo, 5000pts", well, just to bring some joy from Street Fighter. Dress the hero in something glamorious, maybe with a red cape or something like that. some dead bodies on the stage, the tables and stalls on the stage are all overturned. with overturned baskets, bits and pieces of wood and artifacts, a war torned look)

(This scene is not in the recording yet. This short scene last for 20 secs, next song “ save the cannons from mulan" starts, light starts flashing. a lot of mongolian soldiers rushing in and out from all over the place, from stage left to stage right, from stage right to stage left, occasionally pushing the heroes who are lost and confused by all the sudden movement. We can use all the people from the first scene, and almost everybody that we have to create the mass increase in enemy and the sense of confusion.)


第 四 幕 ﹕ 兵 敗 (40 secs), at marketplace

(lights in, but we will only need very dim lights for this scene)

( a sad scene, with dead bodies all over the place, broken weapons lie sticking out of bodies, paper pieces falling from the sky to imitate a snowy scene? There will only be one actor 'alive', wee choon. He will be holding a dead friend in his hands, and he is heavily wounded. He is torned emotionally by the death of his friends and family, and the fall of his country. He response occasionally to the wounds on his body, but he felt more pain from the death that surrounds him. At the end of the second narration, he lets out a cry of desperation 怒 嚎 )

只 可 惜 後 來 文 天 祥 兵 敗 被 俘 ﹐ 最 後 被 元 朝 殺 害 。 公 元 1279 年 ﹐ 元 軍 攻 陷 崖 山 ﹐ 南 宋 丞 相 陸 秀 夫 揹 ぴ 小 皇 帝 趙 昺 投 海 而 死 ﹐ 南 宋 滅 亡 。

(lights out).


第 五 幕 ﹕ 暴 君 , 1min, at the farm

(first ten seconds, change scene, clear props and dead bodies and move in props for a farm scene)

(lights in)

(3 groups of farms working on the stage, one group of 3 farmers with one mongolian soldier on the stage right, one group of 2 farmer at stage center and one group with 2 farmers and 2 soldiers on stage left. The farmers are working hard on the farm, and the soldiers are keeping a close eye on the farmers, pushing and whipping the farmers to push them to work.)

(a mother and a daughter appears from stage right, carrying with them some food containers. The duo starts give food to the mongolians and the farms, group by group. When the duo reaches the 2 soldiers on stage left, they got harassed by those soldiers. The daughter resisted, and the soldiers got angry. They grabbed the daughter and started carrying her off towards stage right. the mother pleaded with the soldiers, but the soldiers ignored her. The mother held on to the soldier's leg, pleading with him, but he ignored her and gave her a rough kick.

All the farmers were watching the proceedings with anger, but only one of the farmers on stage right had the courage to come up to confront the soldier. the soldier drew his weapon and killed the farmer, the soldier then left and the farmers were left behind in anger and sorrow.)

元 朝 末 年 ﹐ 統 治 黑 暗 ﹐ 經 濟 崩 潰 ﹐ 黃 河 缺 口 ﹐ 災 害 連 年 。 人 民 生 活 在 水 深 火 熱 之 中 。 元 朝 統 治 者 的 殘 酷 壓 迫 ﹐ 激 起 各 族 人 民 的 憤 怒 與 不 滿 。 那 時 ﹐ 每 十 家 人 只 能 共 用 一 把 菜 刀 ﹐ 還 派 蒙 古 族 人 監 視 ﹐ 以 防 人 們 起 來 造 反 。

(lights out, dead farmer move off, other farmers resume farming, and mongolian soldiers resume their positions)


第 六 幕 ﹕ 靈 機 一 動 , 1min, at the farm

(lights in after chinese narration)

蒙 古 人 十 分 嚴 厲 地 管 制 漢 族 人 民 ﹐ 使 德 百 姓 們 無 法 議 謀 造 反 。 就 在 中 秋 節 前 ﹐ 漢 族 人 民 想 出 了 一 個 法 子 。 他 們 把 起 義 的 時 間 與 訊 號 藏 在 月 餅 中 ﹐ 並 挨 家 挨 戶 地 分 發 月 餅 。

(one small guy sneaks in, jumping around to the rhythm of the music. sneaking past the mongolian soldiers. this small guy goes around the stage giving mooncakes to the farmers, and then sneak off the stage again. The farmers tried to eat the mooncake, but discovered the message within, they read the message, (music change rhythm) realised what was going to happen, and looked forward with a sense of hope and determination (to the last part of the music)

(lights out)


第 七 幕 ﹕ 中 秋 節 , 4mins at the palace

(props change to the palace scene. The palace scene is made up of 3 tables, one in stage centre, for the mongolian king and his two body guys, facing the audience. One slightly on the kings right, for 2 mongolian officers, and simliar another table on the king's left, for another 2 mongolian officers.)

(lights in)

在 中 秋 節 當 晚 。

(dancers enter in the space in front of the mongolian king's table and start their dance. If we have a watchable dance performance, then this scene will be dominated by that. If not, we might have to call in jugglers and other sort of entertainment to fill this scene.)


第 八 幕 ﹕ 起 義 at the palace

(during the first part of the music, people will start rushing in from among the audience, then the people will start attacking the mongolians, including the dancers. the scene ends with the mongolian king surrounded by the people, trapped.)

公 元 1367 年 ﹐ 朱 元 璋 發 佈 討 元 檄 (xi4) 文 。 第 二 年 八 月 ﹐ 明 軍 攻 入 大 都 ﹐ 元 順 帝 逃 到 長 城 以 外 ﹐ 元 王 朝 覆 滅 。

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