The Cast -- Mongolians


Hanyong, The Lusty Bodyguard

Started off his military career in the Mongolian army as a small fry, Hanyong gained the King's favor and was eventually promoted to be the King's personal bodyguard.

Kwanjee, The Brave and Dangerous Bodyguard

Known for his swift swordplay and dexterous moves, Kwanjee had incurred pain to many people. Well, that includes the king himself.....

Terence, The King

Terence started as a low ranking soldier, but rose rapidly among the ranks. Despite the extraordinary speed at which Terence was promoted, his eventual ascension to the Mongolian throne still surprised many.

Vivek, The Spearman

The best spearman* in the land of the iron horsemen, Vivek's obscure career remained a mystery to many people. He spent a great part of his lifetime in farmland, talking to grass...

*Historical Note: There were only 2 spears at that time, and the other one was held by a lady...

Huimin, The Snake Wielder

Wielder of the legendary weapon, "The Iron Snake". Many heroes had fallen before the might of her spear. Rumors had it that she will be chairing the Spring Carnival 2000 committee.....duh?

Eutak, THE Lusty Mongolian


There is no other. It is Eutak. The Lusty Mongolian who loves to work on farm fields and attack young ladies who go to farm fields to bring food for the farmers.

Kah Kien, The Superman?

Superman from the Superfriends family? Seems like it....but this soldier seemed to have a strange hobby....he likes to run around feigning dead.

Aileen, "One Foot Green"

A descendent from the Heroes of Liang Shan Bo, Aileen punishes her opponents with her deadly stick. It was also said that her "Three Point Kick" was her real killer move.
Originally a lesser known sergeant in the Mongolian army, Pei was eventually groomed into a high ranking official serving in the King's court. His unique ability to move from places to places rapidly earned him his well known nickname.

PEI, The Messenger on Wings


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