The Mongolians exercised cruel rule over the commoners. Seeing this, pugilists all over China gathered together to join the uprising against the Mongolians. They pledged their lives to overthrow the Mongolians. I happen to know three of them, presenting...


"After years of playing car-la-fair peasants in amateur high-school plays, I finally got to play a swash-buckling, sabre-flashing, nation-saving patriot in an amateur college play. I bite my thumb at all my critics!"


Yiklin, The Scholar

Yiklin was born of noble blood, his father being one of the high ranking officials in court. As such, he was well versed in both books and swordplay. However, when the Mongolians invaded China, his father was killed. He managed to escape with the help of his father's bodyguards. Grieved by the death of his father, he vowed revenge against the Mongolians and played a major part in the uprising.


I just felt excited and honored to act as a hero. Anyway, this is the very first project in my acting career, a breakthrough you might say. Choreographing the fighting scenes was difficult, but the end-result was well worth the time. It was definitely great for a first timer but i think we might have emphasized too much on the fighting instead of the actual rebellion... But what the heck, I love it!!!


Siyi, The Strong Man

Otherwise known as the Strong Man, so called because of his amazing strength, Siyi was born of humble origins. He was a poor farmer's son who learnt martial arts from an old blind master. He decided to join in the uprising against the Mongolians when he saw how all his fellow farmers suffered under the cruel rule of the Mongolians.


Seggy, The Pugilist

As yet, his actual background is unknown. However, fellow pugilists regard him as one of the best pugilists around. Known for his uprightness, Seggy undoubtedly joined in the uprising against the cruel Mongolians.