"...when we are one, we can be broken easily like one chopstick, but if we are together, we have the strength of many many chopsticks and no one can break us down!" - Rebellion motto

In ancient China, the peace-loving civilians have always led a simple life. But when the Mongolian invaders came and oppressed them, many heroes and heroines emerged from these peasants in the great rebellion. These are but just some of them...

Jason, as See, the Vegetable Seller

Born in difficult times, See has made a living for himself selling the vegetables he farms in the market-square. However business is not always good as he sells only kang kong... A peaceful man who likes to avoid trouble, he nevertheless came forward bravely during the call for arms.


Justiin, as Ang, the Brave Farmer

Brother of See, Ang is brash and foolhardy. Though a farmer like See, he prefers the martial arts and walks around with a broadsword which he wields efficiently.

Hsin-Ee, as Chia, the Bread Peddler

Distance relative of Chun-Li, she still retains her characteristic hair-style. Chia peddles her basket of bread in the market-square every morning. Her bread, although fresh, often come mysteriously without crust...


Hsi-Liang, as Poh, the Hatchet Man

Don't let his simple looks and small size fool you! This is certainly one man who is not to be trifled with. A retired pugilist due to a knee injury, Poh's name still strikes fear in the pugilistic realm for his speed and deadly accuracy with wielding the hatchet.

Azlina, as Yeo, the Pious Mother

Mother of Chia, Yeo has gone through much hardship bringing her up single-handedly. Yeo had dumped her husband when he refused to buy her any more of those shiny bangles... She dotes on Chia a lot and will do anything to protect her.


Martha, as Lin, the Peasant

A cheerful and happy peasant, little does she expect the invading Mongolian hordes who would come to tear up her homeland.

Sajiv, as the Mysterious Civilian

This mysterious man's origins remain a secret. Rumour has it that he simply walked into town one day... as opposed to riding in on a horse.

Harn Hua

Harn Hua, as the Sneaky Guy

A righteous man who willing undertook the dangerous task of passing mooncakes hidden with the rebellion notes to the other civilians. Unfortunately, his mooncakes do not taste very nice as See attests to...

Denise, as Soh, the Court Dancer

Though she appears to be just another innocent court dancer, Soh is actually an undercover agent sent by the rebellion forces to assasinate the Mongolian emperor.

Becky, as Lai, the Court Dancer

Actually, she's not just an innocent court dancer sent to entertain the Mongolian emperor, but a rebel tasked to press a dagger against his throat.

Yuan, as Yuan, the Court Dancer

Nope, not an innocent court dancer either. Undercover in the above-mentioned assasination attempt.

Sylvia, as Sylvia, the Court Dancer

You've guessed it! She's no innocent court dancer as well, but another brave rebellion operative.


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