CMU Information Session

at Hwa Chong Junior College and Raffles Junior College

warning: This page requires a strong sense of humour and some ability to decipher nonsensical messages. Hwa Chong Junior College...

hjc-4.jpgOn 7th July 99, a number of us went to HCJC to set up a CMU information booth. Howe Chung and Ming Fai arrived early at HJC on that day to make an announcement about the booth during the morning assembly.

The early morning frenzy was rewarded with a hot cup of 'teh' (tea) and some of these two old Hwa Chong boys' favorite snacks at the school's canteen.

hjc-2.jpgSetting up of the booth soon followed, which was made into a fairly trival task when other helpers gradually streamed in.

hjc-1.jpgThe reminder of the day was busy but yet very enjoyable as curious students found answers to their questions while earnest 'Mellons' gained opportunities to share their experiences with their "relatively more gullible victims".


hjc-3.jpg Raffles Junior College...

"the girls here seemed prettier" -- SSA Exco Member, most likely the activities manager I think..

990722-0036-S52A2.7Z43_014.jpgOur "tell the world about CMU" journey took a second step as we strided into the grounds of Raffles Junior College. Working under the directions of ex-Rafflesians, namely Rhys, Sylvia and Mark, we worked hard to put up an impressive looking booth.

Well, some of us got distracted along the way...
990721-2317-S30A3.4Z87_004.jpg very different things...
the doctor is IN
Hi, I am the new security guard
if you say one more word I am going to shoot you
Our photographs was a main attraction to the students
Questions? Ask our chocolate-loving-freshman-going-sophomore-architect!
Giving out pamphlets was a great strategy in increasing CMU's visibility
I warned that guy, but.....well, at least now I am helping him extend his legacy by putting him on film
Feeling overwhelmed yet?
Howe Chung looking aggressively at the he from the censorship board?

Argh! Oh no....freedom!


990722-0418-S30A2.6Z38_015.jpgAt around 5pm that day, we held a talk in one of the lecture theatres in RJC. Extensive preparations preceded the talk, as the CMU students were eager to present their best to their audience.

990722-0513-S3A2.6Z38_016.jpgThe seats gradually filled up, and the talk began! We told the students about the various aspects of CMU. Where CMU is located, what are the strengths the CMU have and why CMU makes a good choice for them.

During the presentation, we even showed some short clips made in CMU, namely "Labor Day" and "OC2". Our talk finished with an answers and questions session.

We tried to give the students a technical and non-technical overview of CMU
This is strange, but isn't that Erbin from UMich?
One of our "guest speakers", Koh Beng Liang, who graduated during that summer.
The students watching CMU made clip "Labor Day", which was a spoof of "Independence Day"
*whew* luckily nobody is sleeping yet..
Rounding it up, questions and answers!

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