SSA took a trip to Laurel Caverns on 5th September 1999. Laurel Caverns is Pennsylvania's longest cave system, rivalling America’s largest known cavern, Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. This is our first activity of the semester with our greatly expanded membership (thanks in no small measure to our freshmen). Our photos prove that getting there (and back) is more than half the fun!


hammer_haozhong.jpg bus_group_3.jpg indian_poker.jpg aileen_in_bus.jpg
  "Didn't I tell you how I feel about chocolate milk?"


  "Look at me!"   "Change your card, change your card!" Sleeping soundly on the bus
hanyong_shades.jpg group_on_tree.jpg group_photo_1.jpg two_blue_shoes.jpg
Mr Cool in sunglasses


Tree traversal Overlooking Pittsburgh Poster girls
jason_eutak_in_cave.jpg 3_girls_1_guy_in_cave.jpg 4_girls_in_cave.jpg 4_guys_in_cave.jpg
The famous couple


Well prepared for the trip In the Hall of The Mountain King Going down...
descent_in_cave.jpeg descending_into_cave.jpg cavern_walkway.jpg group_on_log.jpg
and down... ...and down!!


The final few steps Jeans rule!!
group_after.jpg 3_shoes.jpg eutak_running_group.jpg sybor_wonderwoman.jpeg
  Parting shot   Standard EDB equipment


  "Where's Jason? I wanna be with Jason!"   Well-endowed SSA members
xinyi_peiying_pose.jpg yiklin_eugene_in_bus.jpg bus_group_2.jpg bus_group_1.jpg
"Something on my chin?"


"Under where?!?" The bus ride home It pays to look behind you.

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