Summer Contact I & II

Before the Summer Contact sessions, a couple of the upperclassmen (Peck, Mingfai, Harn Hua and Terence) were at HCJC busily painting the big SSA banner. Results were pretty impressive.

The first contact session was held on the 26th June at Terence's place near Mount Sinai. Almost all the freshmen and exchange students turned up after they have been informed through the mailing list. Exceptions were the EDB and SAF scholars who have yet to decide on their choice of university. Questions were raised and the upperclassmen present were very helpful in offering advice ('6 meals/week! 6 meals/week!')... There were also lots of photographs taken during SSA outings and around CMU for general viewing. Also, Terence was eager to share some pointers on juggling.

The second contact session was held at China Square over dinner (but seems that everyone was more interested in chatting than eating!). The turnout was massive to say the least and there were also more upperclassmen around to offer more sound advice and to share their experiences at CMU. For most of the freshmen, it was the first time they got to meet and get to know each other, after exchanging emails on the mailing list and sending numerous ICQ messages, so it was pretty nice and everyone went back undoubtedly more confident of meeting the challenges ahead in CMU (I hope...).

Three men hard at work...
Patching the mistakes is often the hardest task...
Terence contemplates painting Mingfai's hair...
The final product! Well Done!
'I am the SSA chairman and people call me Peck...'
Upperclassmen dishing out advice for the freshmen.
Freshmen eagerly checking out pictures of CMU and Highlander food on Rhy's laptop...
All smiles for the camera!
One more shot with that nice banner!
Once strangers, now friends...
and more friends...
and even more friends!

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