Abbreviation Name of Conference / Organization URL Typical attendance Month of conference Frequency First submission deadline
ASA Acoustical Society of America ~700 presentations May & Nov semi-annual Jan & Jul
AERA American Educational Research Association ~12,000-13,000 Apr annual Aug
APA American Psychological Association 12,000 Jul/Aug annual Nov
APS American Psychological Society 2,000 May annual Feb
ASSC Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness 100+ Jun annual
ASTC Association of Science Technology Centers 1500 Sep-Nov annual Dec
CDS Cognitive Development Society 300 Oct/Nov biennial (odd yrs) Jun
CNS Cognitive Neuroscience Society ~1000 presentations Apr annual Jan
CogSci Cognitive Science Society ~500 Jul/Aug annual Feb
CoSyNe Computational and Systems Neuroscience ~200-300 Mar annual Dec
CSCL Computer Support for Collaborative Learning several hundred summer (varies) biennial (odd yrs; some even yrs?) Jan (varies)
EARLI European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction 1000+ Aug biennial (odd yrs) Nov
Evolution of Language ~250 Mar biennial (even yrs) Oct
ICLS International Conference for Learning Sciences Jun biennial (even yrs) Nov
ICCM International Conference on Cognitive Modeling 150 spring/summer annual Apr
NARST National Association for Research in Science Teaching ~800 Apr annual Aug
NIPS Neural Information Processing Systems ~600-800 Dec annual Jun
Psychonomic Society ~800 Nov annual Jun
Sensory Coding and the Natural Environment Sep biennial (even yrs) early summer
JDM Society for Judgment and Decision Making ~400-600 Nov[1] annual Jul
SPSP Society for Personality and Social Psychology ~1000-1500 Jan/Feb annual Jul/Aug
SRCD Society for Research in Child Development 3000? Apr biennial (odd yrs) Jul
SBM Society of Behavioral Medicine 1000+ Mar annual Sep

Immediately following Psychonomic Society conference in same venue.