Student Hosting Responsibilities

Student Host Responsibilities

  1. Approximately one week prior to talk, meet with the faculty host to

     arrange a dinner on Wednesday (the day of the speaker's talk). The

     department will reimburse you for this dinner (so keep the receipts).

  2. Arrange for transportation to and from the airport. The department will

     reimburse for the travel. See Kathy Majors for the forms. You may also

     need to arrange for transportation to and from the hotel and CMU.

  3. Order any special AV equipment the speaker may need through Kim Murray.

     Standard equipment (overhead, slide projector) is available through the

     department (also see Kim for this).

  4. One week prior to the talk, post a title and abstract to the psychology

     bboard and to the colloquium d-list


     Include a notice that you should be contacted if anyone wishes a

     private meeting with the speaker. Post a hard copy of the title and

     abstract on the door to the Psychology Lounge. Titles and abstracts are

     available, but I don't know from who right yet...

  5. Also one week prior to the talk, place copies of the abstract, CV, and

     recent articles in a labeled folder in the Psychology Lounge. These

     should also be available from Dave Pickering. (It is a good idea to

     contact Dave well ahead of time so that he can obtain these materials

     from the speaker.)

  6. Write a schedule for the speaker's visit. Include detailed information

     about the time of arrival, departure, and flight number of the speaker,

     where the speaker will be at all times, and with whom and where the

     speaker has meetings. Give copies to the speaker, the Faculty Host, and

     anyone meeting with the speaker. Private meetings should be 45 minutes

     long (but they can range from 30-60 minutes). Inform individuals

     meeting with the speaker that they are responsible for getting the

     speaker to his/her next meeting. It's a good idea to talk to the

     faculty host to find out who should be personally contacted about

     meeting with the speaker.

  7. One day before the talk, post a reminder to the Psychology bboard.

  8. Arrange for 3-4 graduate students to take the speaker to lunch on

     Wednesday or Thursday (depending on the speaker's schedule). If the

     speaker is giving a brown bag on Thursday, grad students should take

     the speaker out to lunch afterwards.

  9. The day of the talk, set up the room (355 BH) with the AV equipment

     (usually just the overhead and maybe a slide projector), spare bulbs,

     and water (very important). Special equipment will be taken care of by

     the AV Center (basement of Hunt Library).

 10. If there is going to be a brown bag on Thursday, post the title and

     abstract to the Psychology bboard approximately one week prior. Also,

     see Kim Murray to reserve a room for the brown bag (usually BH 336B).