CMU Department of Psychology Staff

Williams, PauletteZajac, Holly



Boring, Bridgette

Administrative coordinator for the psychology dept. My job is split between two offices. For two days a week, I am in the reception area (342C) to help visitors and students with questions, copying, mail , supplies, meeting room reservations and directions. Three days a week, I am in the administrative offices (346B) to help with key distribution, reimbursement requests, travel requests, subject payments, checks and grants management questions. Also, I am the person to see for "FixIt" (cleaning and maintenance things for the psychology dept)


Gordon, Michelle

I am the "Research Requirement Administrator" which includes running the Experiment System (aka Subject Pool). If you are testing participants in an experiment in which you want to use students from our entry level Psychology courses you will need to contact me. I can assist you in the process of submitting your study proposal, as well as guide you in how to use the Experiment System website and work with the students. As the coordinator of the department's Colloquium Series, we would work together when you are the graduate student host for a guest speaker. In addition, I provide backup to Joan Meyers and Theresa Kurutz in the Graduate Student and Undergraduate Student Programs.


Kinsky, Margaret

I am the Business Manager for the Psychology department and am responsible for a wide range of administrative processes for the department. Graduate students are most likely to interact with me regarding computer accounts, funding issues, payroll problem resolution, and space assignment. While I am not usually the first point of contact, I am often called on for problem resolution or policy clarifications.


Kravitz, Susan (Queenie)

I keep records on all graduate students. This includes, but is never limited, progress reports, publications, department requirements, registration, TA-assignments, ... Give Queenie a copy of everything you do related to your research in gradaute school (publications, presentations, 1st & 2nd year papers, ...). If you have a question, Queenie is probably a good first stop. BE NICE TO HER!!


Kurutz, Theresa

Undergraduate coordinator in the psychology department. I am responsible for undergraduate registration, grades, and ordering textbooks for courses. A grad student might come to me with questions when they TA a course regarding grading, ordering desk copies for them and also questions they have when Joan Meyers isn't in. Joan works Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I would be happy to help you with anything else I can.


Majors, Kathy

Graduate Student (financially), key person, money requests (participant payments, travel reimbursements, consulting payments, etc.), authorization to approve expenditures, grant funding person. If anyone has a questuion, they can come to me. I can help them or at least tell them who to see.