Wading Through the Red Tape

This section contains all the boring details that you will eventuallygrow accustomed to and some that you will only have to deal with once.





Here is a list of some of the things Rochelle C. in the central office does for everybody in the department:


1) Reserve meeting rooms

2) Monthly paycheck distribution

3) Assign user #'s for photocopiers

4) Assist in photocopier problems

5) Distributes postage stamps

6) Assists in Express Mail Shipments

7) Assists in distribution of office supplies

8) Assists in distribution of incoming and outgoing mail

9) Assists in sending fax's

10) Submits all Facilities Management Inquires to the Facilities Management

Department.  Send all "Fix-It" problems to:  fix-it@andrew.cmu.edu


**** Please note there are TWO Rochelle's in this department...I am

"Rochelle C" and Bobbie's secretary is referred to as "Rochelle


Libraries (there are 3)


Phone Calls


Conference Funds


Research Groups, Colloquia, Brown Bags and Seminars