Arts and Crafts Events

The Children's Institute: Website

On weeknights we go to the Children's Institute for 2 hours and host arts and crafts events with the children.

Number of Volunteers: 10
When: Weeknights
Time Commitment: 1.5-2 hours per event

The Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC: Website

On weekends or weeknights we go to the Children's Hospital for 2-3 hours and have themed craft parties. Our crafts are usually themed, according to the closest holiday coming up, or the season. We generally bring 5-6 crafts with us.

Number of Volunteers: 10
When: Monday-Friday 6-8pm or Saturday-Sunday 2-4 pm
Time Commitment: Preparation + Travel to Children's Hospital + 2 hours per event + Clean Up

Care Packages

On campus we host events where members make journals and cards to send to the children at the Children's hospital. We generally make 50 care packages per semester, and hold several events to make them.

Number of Volunteers: Unlimited
When: Saturdays
Time Commitment: 2 hours

Kids for Kids Program

We work with children, schools, and other community organizations to teach young people the importance of volunteering and giving back to others. The children can participate in community service projects such as creating craft kits, Sunny Grams greeting cards, or journals that are sent to hospitalized children in the Pittsburgh area.

The Children's School: Website

The kindergarten class at The Children's School has journal making time 12:50 - 1:15 Monday thru Thursday. We come in with pre-made journals, and help the kindergarten class decorate the journals which will be sent to hospitalized children.

Number of Volunteers: 3
When: Monday-Thursday
Time Commitment: 12:50 - 1:15 pm + Clean Up

Spring Prom at The Children's Institute

We host a spring prom at The Children's Institute at the end of each spring semester. Volunteers dress up and we provide tiaras, top hats, crowns, etc. for the children. The prom usually includes arts and crafts, a photoshoot, dancing, and karaoke.