The Eighth U.S.-Korea Forum on Nanotechnology:
Nanotechnology for Sustainability

Pasadena, CA, USA, April 4 & 5, 2011


General Information









M.S. Jhon (U.S.A.)
Carnegie Mellon University

J.W. Lee (Korea)
Hanyang University

The eighth Forum on nanotechnology for sustainability between the United States and Korea, will be held on April 4th & 5th, 2011 at California Institute of Technology (Caltech), the birthplace of nanotechnology as testified by former President Clinton's address and the landmark paper by Richard P. Feynman. 

During the past nine years, the United States and Korea have been supporting nanotechnology as a priority research area. The delegates at the 5
th meeting of the U.S.-Korea Joint Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation (held on October 30th & 31st, 2002 in Seoul, Korea) agreed that the establishment of U.S.-Korea Forums on Nanotechnology would be beneficial to enhance research collaboration in the field of nanotechnology among scientists and engineers from both countries. With this mission, we established the first U.S.-Korea Forum on Nanotechnology, via National Science Foundation (NSF) funding, on October 14th-18th of 2003. As the Korean counterpart to NSF, participation was overseen and funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST). The first Forum was held in Seoul in 2003 and dealt with various topics in nanotechnology. Since then, seven annual Forums have been organized alternatively in U.S. and Korea covering a broad spectrum of emerging nanotechnology related areas and have established a highly beneficial partnership between both countries.

 Nanotechnology offers solutions for major issues in global ecology covering water shortage, climate mitigation, and sustainable use of other natural resources. This eighth Forum is a timely effort to further provide a common platform for scientists and engineers from both countries to accommodate urgent technology contributions in nanotechnology for sustainability.

Our Forum consists of two days. On the first day, there will be three keynote speeches from Mihail C. Roco (NSF), Harry Atwater (Caltech), and Young Moo Lee (Hanyang University, Korea), followed by oral overview presentations from 23 world renowned scientists (15 U.S. and 8 from Korea) and poster presentations from early-career participants. The second day will consist of structured discussions to identify opportunities and research directions for fruitful implementation of nanoscience and technology for the sustainability of future generations. 

This Forum will actively promote the exchange of research, education, and policy between the two countries in the emerging area of nanotechnology for sustainability. The Forum promises to have a huge impact in nanoscience, in addition to strengthening achievements and assessing the progress on recommendations made during the previous seven Forums, while also promoting exchange of young scientists between the two countries. Furthermore, it will boost the dynamic partnership between industry, government, and academia leading to a huge contribution to society and global education in a broader sense. The Forum proceedings and findings will be available on Carnegie Melloní»s website for a broad audience in addition to a special issue of Journal of Nanoparticle Research with selected contributions for extensive outreach to the scientific community

April 4, 2011