The Eleventh U.S.-Korea Forum on Nanotechnology:
Nanomanufacturing, Nanocomposites
 and Nanoinformatics

Seoul, Korea, September 29 & 30, 2014


General Information









M.S. Jhon (U.S.A.)
Carnegie Mellon University

Ahmed Busnaina (U.S.A)

Northeastern University

J.W. Lee (Korea)
Hanyang University

*  U.S. Delegation Members

  • Ahmed Busnaina, Northeastern University
    Topic: Scalable Nanoscale Offset Printing System for Electronics, Sensors, Energy and Material Applications
  • David Carroll, Wake Forest University
  • Mamadou Diallo, California Institute of Technology
    Topic: Nanoporous Membranes With In Situ Synthesized Polymeric Particles: Preparation, Characterization and Applications to Sustainable Chemistry, Engineering and Materials (SusChEM)

*  Korea Delegation Members

  • Jinho Ahn, Hanyang University
    Topic: High-Throughput Nanomanufacturing using EUV Lithography
  • Jeong Sook Ha, Korea University
    Topic: Design and fabrication of novel stretchable devices
  • Jun-Hyuk Choi, Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials
    Topic: Nanoimprint Transfer in Optoelectronic Applications
  • Jeung Ku Kang, KAIST
    Topic: Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion
  • Jae-Hong Lim, Korea Institute of Materials Science
    Topic: Electrodeposition of Semiconductor Materials
  • Eunkyong Kim, Yonsei University
    Topic: Electrochemical switching of transmission in thin films with a long memory effect
  • Kwang-Ryeol Lee, KIST
    Topic: Web 2.0 Based Platform for Nano-materials Design
  • Seungwu Han, Seoul National University
    Topic: Searching for Functional Oxides Using High-Throughput AB Initio Screening
  • Deok-Soo Kim, Hanyang University
    Topic: Molecular Geometry and Its Application to Nano Informatics and Molecular Design
  • Ki-Ju Kim, Seoul National University
    Topic: Effect of gas transport inside a micrometer-scale gap jig on the growth of graphene on copper foil
  • Ashvani Kumar, Seoul National University
    Topic: Less Noisy and Highly Sensitive Graphene Nanopores for Biomedical Applications
  • Jannatul Firdous, Seoul National University
    Topic: Induction of Long-Term Immunity Against Respiratory Syncytial Virus Glycoprotein by An Osmotic Polymeric Nanocarrier
  • Chi hyun Park, Yonsei University
    Topic: Bistable Reversible Electrochemical Mirrors with Ionic Liquid Electrolyte
  • Daeil Kim, Korea University
    Topic: Stretchable UV sensor arrays of SnO2 nanowires
  • Sang-Hwa Yoon, Hanyang University
    Topic: Facet control and Three-dimensional Cuprous Oxide (Cu2O film by electrodeposition and its photoelectrochemical properties
  • Jung Sik Kim, Hanyang University
    Topic: Nano-patterning of improved imaging properties by using phase-shift mask technology in EUVL
  • Seungchul Kim, KIST
    Topic: Virtual Fab – Nano Device Simulation Platform
  • Hiroshi Mizuseki, KIST
    Topic: Genetic Algorithm Approach for Nanoscale Devices
  • Sang Soo Han, KIST
    Topic: Development of Web-based Multi-scale Simulation Platform for the Efficient Design of Li-ion Battery
  • Jae-Kwan Kim, Hanyang University
    Topic: BetaCavity: Program for Molecular Voids and Tunnels
  • Kang Hoon Yim, Seoul National University
    Topic: Searching Novel Higher- Dielectric Materials Through High-throughput Ab Initio Approach
  • Dong ki Lee, KAIST
    Topic: A facile synthesis of multi metal-doped rectangular ZnO nanocrystals using a nanocrystalline metal-organic framework template