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Christina Liu

Position :: RA - 6th floor, A & B Towers
Major :: Policy & Management / International Relations
Minor :: Chinese Studies
Room :: B609
Year :: Senior
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Christina must not have very hard classes. How do we know? She does a LOT of stuff. So it's either that, or she's just really smart.

What all does she do? Well, for starters she's involved in Delta Gamma, Rho Lambda, AND The Order of Omega, which is incredible because anything with a Greek name is time-consuming. On top of that, she's the captain of the Varsity Cheerleading Team, volunteers for Safewalk, and is a sexual assault advisor. So not only can she get you home safe, but she can choreograph a cheer that teaches you about sexual assault at the same time.

Furthermore, (and this is the really crazy part) she has FREE TIME. Not just any free time, this is free time that's jam packed with hardcore activities like dancing, working out, sports, cooking, and watching TV. She also likes to "ride," but nobody knows what that is.