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Tim Dimond

Position :: RA - 5nd floor, A & B Towers
Major :: Decision Science
Room :: B508
Year :: Sophomore
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Timothy Arthur Dimond the first (pronounced like he’s a girl’s best friend, which coincidently he is) was born on a hot afternoon in July in the city of Pittsburgh. T. Arthur had a great sense of humor and a heart of 4 karat gold. From an early age it was apparent that Tim would go places. Those places turned out to be few and far between and never even outside of this country, but they were places none the less. Certain highlights of Timothy’s childhood include getting lost in an Oshkosh B’Gosh Clothing store and, due to his color blindness, not being able to see the true beauty of the United Colors of Benetton.

Tim eventually ended up at Carnegie Mellon University and took the campus by storm. (Editor’s note: This storm ended up being more of a light rain or a drizzle) From performing his comedic songs across campus to being voted Mr. Fraternity, T-Unit set CMU alive and energized the campus community. Timmy “Smooth with the ladies” D still felt that his full potential was not being reached and needed one more thing to make his life complete. This was none other than the RA position. Now that he has acquired this he is comfortable with kicking back and enjoying the rest of his life.