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Sunaina Menawat

Position :: RA - 5th floor, C & D Towers
Major :: Pre-med Psychology Major / Chemistry Minor
Room :: D501
Year :: Junior

Sunaina is a very talented individual, if only because she claims to stay on top of current events. No one is actually sure of this since nobody else has any idea what the heck is going on. She enjoys traveling, community service, meeting new people, learning languages, and singing -- all of which we are sure she can do at the same time.

Sunaina is also a professional dancer. Now before you guys get all uppity, she's not your average professional dancer, she's a professional Bharatanatyam dancer, which is the longest form of dancing we've ever heard of. Besides being impossible to pronounce, it is also Indian.

It is interesting to note, that while Sunaina is from Toronto, "eh" is not a common word in her vocabulary. Also, if you are feeling like complaining about how cold it is, we suggest you talk to someone else.