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Samira Gilani

Position :: RA - 6th floor, C & D Towers
Major :: Biological Sciencese
Minor :: Healthcare Policy and Management
Room :: C601
Year :: Junior

Samira was born the wealthy daughter of an oil tycoon and famous actress who wishes to remain anonymous and shall only be referred to as Angelina Jolie. She was raised on mean streets of Chicago where she was discovered by Latin singing sensation Ricky Martin, in his days after Menudo. Samira quickly became a child star at the tender age of six. She toured most of Latin and Central America creating a huge underground following with such hits as “Mis amigas son muy caliente” and “Me gusta muevo muevo”. Ricky, jealous of her fame, stole her music and suddenly became famous. Samira not to be set back by her misfortune turned to her brilliant acting abilities. She appeared on the pilot of Grey’s Anatomy and the season finale of Real World: Fargo. After tasting the limelight, Samira felt something was missing – something of value. That thing was none other than the RA role.

When asked, residents state that, "Samira is like the Ghandi of Morewood…only sexy and female." When she is not online shopping for yet another Coach accessory, she is researching riddles by eating string cheese. She will always remind you to take the "dirt off your shoulders dawg, enjoy life and just embrace it."