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Kris Elder

Position :: RA - 1st floor, A, B, C, & D Towers
Major :: Decision Science / International Relations
Room :: D108
Year :: Senior
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Kris (who happens to spell his name with a K) loves making decisions, all types of decisions from what to eat to what he should name his 10th dog when the time comes. Even so he has no idea what his major actually means and as such is still looking for a job next year. Evidently some companies know what his major means as they keep contacting him about potential jobs but Kris has yet to bite.

Kris hails from the vacation spot of Cape Cod where he likes to butt heads with tourists. In all due probability you are able to say "Iíve vacationed there!" or at least "Iíve heard of itÖ isnít that where the Kennedyís live?" (The answer is yes they do.). His favorite thing about meeting new people is that they all have been to where he lives yet he has never heard of their hometown. Oooo yeah, he also used to live on a boat. When you talk to him, you may be able to see how such an upbringing has caused some "fluctuations" in his logic.

When not gallivanting around his oversized room he can be found in and around SigEp and all over campus wandering from here to there in an eccentric haze of nuttiness.