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Erica Krivoy

Position :: RA - 2th floor, C & D Towers
Major :: Physics
Minor :: Spanish
Room :: D201
Year :: Junior

Erica is a junior physics major, spanish minor and the RA for 2CD. She's all the way from Beaverton, Oregon (thats Or-eh-gun) where she loves to visit the coast with her family.

Between doing massive problem sets, Erica is a sister of Kappa Kappa Gamma, goes to Hillel, and drives buggy for SigEp. She also likes to hang out with her friends and watch movies and Scrubs. If you're lucky, you can spot her her in the MG workout room where she excercises almost every day.

Her favorite band has been Green Day since she was in 7th grade, and she likes to eat rice cakes and listen to Seu Jorge sing Portugese versions of David Bowie songs.