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Brian Curfman

Position :: Housefellow
Degree :: BS. Bio/Psych, MSEd
Office :: Student Life Office
Age :: 27

Brian Curfman has been playing supreme being for 4 years now here at Morewood Gardens. He graduated from CMU in 1997, double majoring in bio and psych, and went on to get his MSEd (whatever that is) from the University of Indiana.

Brian really enjoys working with people, (though the RA's occasionally have their doubts) and is certified to guide you through a low ropes course, and use his Myers-Briggs powers to tell you exactly what your personality is. He also loves animals, which is fortunate because there are several that live in his house, including 2 dogs, 3 cats, and a couple of birds.

In other areas... he is a lover of politics, and by this we mean, he has political views. He loves cooking, philosophy, cooking up philosophy, and "World of Warcraft." Nobody we've talked to knows what that is. You'll have to go ask him yourself. It's ok -- he likes people.