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Alia Chaib

Position :: RA - 4th floor, A & B Towers
Major :: Voice Performance
Room :: B409
Year :: Senior

Alia is from the great city of Chicago, and is therefore obviously in love with the movie that has the same name. So much in fact, that she has devoted her life to singing, which there was a lot of in the movie. There was also a lot of being in jail, but curiously, Alia seems uninterested.

She likes guys who are really, really, ridiculously good looking and can't read good, guys like Billy Joel and Seinfeld. Her moto is "Too cool for school!!" by which she really means "I've had too much Diet Coke."

Alia is also a member of Delta Gamma, an elite groupe of females fighting girlish stereotypes like long walks on the beach and candelit dinners. She also really likes shoes.