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Finally, a comprehensive source of information about the facilities available to Morewood Residents.

Common Areas - Laundry Rooms - Kitchens - Bike Rooms


Common areas are available for all resident activities (though notably, the A-Tower Activities Room has some restrictions). These are shared areas and, with the exception of the A-Tower room, are not reservable. Please be considerate of all residents rights to use these areas, and respect eachothers activities and requests.

A-Tower Activities Room:

Sometimes referred to as the "A-Tower Lounge," this room is located on the first floor of A-tower, across from the front desk. Of all the common areas in Morewood, the A-Tower Activities Room is the only room that is reserveable. For instructions and policies on reserving this room, see the link below. A kitchen is adjacent to the room, making it suitable for events requiring cooking. Furniture is somewhat sparse (there are no sofas), but this also makes it very suitable for events which require a large open area. A mirrored wall and handrail are built in for dance practice.
- Reservation Policies

D-Tower Lounge:

The D-tower Lounge is the on the first floor of D-tower, and has a very, very large TV, plus lots of comfy sofas. It is the ideal location to watch a movie, TV, or play video games with friends. It is also a great study space, with plenty of coffee tables for all your books. This room is not reserveable, however, notices of use may be posted on the door (i.e. "2C/D Futurama Club will be watching 'When Aliens Attack' Tuesday at 10:00pm"). Notices do not constitute a reservation, and all residents are asked to exercise respect and proper etiquette in sharing this room.

Note: Morewood Uplate is held in this lounge every Saturday at 11:00pm

Recreation Area:

The Recreation area spans part of the first floor between B and C towers. The ping-pong and pool table are open to all residents, and equipment can be obtained at the front desk in exchange for an ID card. Residents are welcome to use their own equipment if they wish. On the B-Tower wall are several vending machines selling various drinks and snacks. A microwave oven is on the C-tower wall for anyone to use.

This area can be used for group activities, without a reservation, as long as all furniture is returned to it's proper location when finished. Due to their bulk, it is asked that the pool tables not be moved.

Exercise Room:

New to Morewood for the 2005-2006 school year, the exercise room is used by not only residents of Morewood, but by students from neighboring dormitories as well.

The exercise room is equiped with four ellipticals, two treadmills, two climbers, two cycles, a small multi-station wieght unit, and an exercise mat.

The exercise room can be used by any student permitting they show their student id.

Floor Lounges:
On every floor there are typically 2 lounges (one in B-tower and one in C-tower), with sofas, chairs, tables and the occasional homeless person. Events for the floor are typically held at these locations, and they are also often used for studying. If you would like to organize a floor or group event in one of these lounges, it is asked that you notify the RA of that floor. Please keep in mind that dorm rooms are adjacent to these areas, so noise should be kept at an appropriate level.

Laundry facilities in Morewood are located in the basement of A and D towers. The facilities are connected to the eSuds system, which allows Residents to use the laundry machines simply by swiping their ID card. No quarters, ever. (They still take quarters, though, just in case...)

A note on laundry room etiquette: It is impolite to leave your laundry sitting in a washer or dryer after it's cycle is completed. Please make every effort to collect your laundry immediately after it has finished. Forcing other people to deal with your laundry to make room for them to do their own is rude and obnoxious.

A-Tower Laundry Room :
The A-Tower laundry room is equiped with four washers and four dryers. Because it's so small, it is really only convienent for residents of A-Tower.
Take the A-Tower elevator to the basement level. From the elevator, go right, and the laundry room will be straight ahead. You may also take the A-tower stairs to the basement, in which case, take two immediate left's after exiting the stairwell. Note: the A-Tower launtry facilities cannot be accessed through the basement from other towers.
- A-Tower Laundry room monitor
D-Tower Laundry Room :
The D-Tower laundry room is the primary laundry facility for the building, with 10 washers and 12 dryers. There is also a small bathroom facility on the left as you enter the room.
To get to the room, take the D-Tower elevator to the basement level. Go left out of the elevator and imediately take a left. The door to the laundry room will be directly in front of you. If you prefer to take the stairs, there is a stairwell entrance to the basement on the first floor of D-Tower opposite the elevator.
- D-Tower Laundry room monitor
There are four kitchens in Morewood available for all residents to use. Each kitchen is equipped with an oven/stovetop, refrigerator, microwave and storage areas. Residents are allowed to store their cookware and small appliances in the kitchen, and keep food in the refrigerators, however, Morewood is not responsible for any damage or loss. It is up to the residents who use the kitchens to keep the kitchen area clean, so please clean up after you cook.
Kitchens are located at the following locations:

- A-Tower: First floor across from front desk
- B-Tower: 2nd, 4th, and 6th floors adjacent to the lounge areas
Bike Storage :

Bike rooms are available for indoor storage of your bicycle. Space is very limited and typically if you do request space immediately at the beginning of the year, you will not get a spot. Bike rooms are located in B-Tower.

For more information, contact Emily Burk at