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Dear MISM/MSISPM student,

I'm writing to you on behalf of the MISM/MSISPM representatives. This email intends to introduce you to the current reps, who they are, what they are working on, and what is their role in regards to the MISM/MSISPM program and the student body, and how can students help reps identify room for improvement.

The student representatives are here to voice the concerns, opinions and recommendations of the students, express them to the appropriate entity and act towards making improvements in the MISM/MSISPM program and graduate life. MISM/MSISPM reps meet bi-weekly and discuss a vast array of ideas and plan efforts that have impact on many aspects of our experience as graduate students at CMU.

This year's reps are:

Tommy Poon
Chuck Reynolds
Meera Ramachandran
Robert Jordan
Salim Charabaty
Kyle O'Meara (MSISPM)

Reps are currently working on multiple issues, ranging from simple day to day problems with office supplies (staplers, markers....) to more ambitious and long term projects such as providing more courses whose lectures are audio recorded, and off course not omitting how to throw parties that everyone will enjoy!

This is why students' input is extremely important for us to identify problems and address them appropriately. We invite students to address any concern or recommendation they might have to any of the reps listed above, either personally, or through an email addressed to

We are looking forward to working with you and wish you the best for your final exams!

Thank you for your time,