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Gregory Johnson , Acting President, gj [at]

Responsible for completing the administrative duties of the organization; maintaining recognized status of the society by the Carnegie Mellon Office of Student Activities and the national Biomedical Engineering Society; attending mandatory training meetings established by Carnegie Mellon Office of Student Activities and the Joint Funding Council; acquiring funding; heading all general body and executive board meetings; approving all financial transactions, in addition to the treasurer; giving final approval of published materials and information; serving as the main representative of GBMES for guest speakers, companies and other outside organizations; maintaining regular correspondence with the BME department on student issues; maintaining correspondence with the national BMES faculty advisor on national BMES business at least once a semester; creating ad hoc committees and appointing chairs of ad hoc .committees with approval of a majority of the executive board; keeping hardcopies of all income checks and expense receipts, in addition to (but not in place of) the treasurer; and aiding board members as necessary

Mary Beth Wilson, Secretary, mewilson [at] andrew.

Responsible for accurately recording the minutes of the meeting; posting meeting minutes to AFS and announcing their posting within 48 hours of the meetings; maintaining contacts database of: current students, current faculty, current administrative staff, alumni, and previously/currently used vendors/sponsors of events; assisting the board members, primarily the president and vice president, with their duties as requested; assisting the webmaster in maintaining and administering mailman email lists; and recording any warnings given from the board toward particular exec members towards impeachment in meeting minutes.

Amsul Khanal, Social & Committees Chair amsul [at]

Responsible for leading the executive board’s organization of regular social events by researching contacts, comparing prices for vendors and businesses used for GBMES social events, bringing event proposals to meetings, and soliciting executive board member volunteer hosts; promoting and advertising GBMES social activities; soliciting and organizing general body volunteers at large events or general body volunteers who host general-body-initiated events; chairing ad hoc committees unless otherwise appointed by the president; maintaining inventory list on AFS of GBMES supplies in GBMES closet

Lyndsey Schutte, Webmaster, ljs1 [at]

Repsonsible for keeping the website updated after meetings with BME and GBMES announcements, news, dates, and helpful information for BME graduate students. Also responsible for gbmes-exec and bme-grad-discuss email lists; and gbmes google calendar updates. Webmaster also accepts the submission of photos from BME and GBMES events for the website.

Professor Todd Pryzbycien, BMES Faculty Adivsor, todd [at]

For the purposes of the national BMES Charter, GBMES shall have a faculty advisor who is a national BMES member, annually selected by the executive board before GBMES elections. The faculty advisor serves to advise GBMES administrative officers on how to assure chapter continuity through: adhesion to governing documents, record keeping, and transfer of office; advising on how to select, plan and conduct business and social meetings; and how to their administrative skills and efficiency. The faculty advisor does not replace the department head in terms of correspondences routinely held between GBMES and the BME department.