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Carnegie Technology Institute

Mission of GBMES

To further the knowledge and networking opportunities of graduate biomedical engineering students within Carnegie Mellon University and in the professional biomedical engineering community.

Goals of GBMES

The graduate biomedical engineering society (GBMES) was founded in October 2005 to promote comradery between the BME graduate students. GBMES will strive to provide support to its members, to promote comradery between its members, and to build a positive relationship between industry and faculty.

CMU’s Biomedical Engineering Department

Biomedical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University achieved full departmental status in 2002, becoming the 7th department in the engineering college. The program focuses on:

1. Comprehensive engineering –oriented studies of biological transport processes, including microcirculation, respiration and membrane transport – spanning from the rheological characterization of fluids to system analysis of transport mechanism.

2. Integrated approach to the problems of the characterization of biological materials and he design and production of materials for artificial organs, including tissue engineering

3. Development of artificial intelligence approaches to problems of medical diagnostics

The GBMES Constitution (revised 07.08)
The First GBMES Constitution (dated 10.28.05)