Who are we?

We are the Foosball Club of Carnegie Mellon University. We run local school tournaments, travel to national tournaments, and maintain the Scotland Yard Game Room tables. The purpose of this club is to increase the awareness of competitive Foosball on campus and encourage play amongst our members.

We will make announcements about our events using our mailing list.

We meet every Friday at 5 pm in the Scotland Yard Game Room of the University Center. However, many of our players are playing throughout the week. If you wish to play with us, send us an email or Facebook message and we'll do our best to meet you when you are available. The game room currently houses one Fireball table and three Tornado Whirlwind tables.

For more information regarding the Scotland Yard Game Room, including hours of operation, please visit the Scotland Yard information page.

Seasonal Tournament

Carnegie Mellon does not run Foosball intramurals, so we will be hosting a seasonal tournament, similar to how intramurals are run. Teams will play within a bracket round-robin style. There will be two different brackets: Majors and Minors. Each team will play one match every week against a different opponent. If you do not respond to the other team's emails or fail to send in your result, you will take a loss for the week. At the end of the round-robin matchups, there will be a single-elimination playoff series. Matches are to be played in accordance with the following rules:

Please submit your results each week on our Google form. Results are due each Sunday.


Letter Name Wins
A Dennis Liang 11
B Ajay Phatak 3
C Brian Jacobs 3
D Jace Mascioli 5
E Rahul-Anaadi Kurl 1
F Nick Teslovich 2
G Immanuel Krogmann 3
H Jason Yoder 1
I Anthony Ko 0
J Mukul Singh 1
K Andrew Rodriguez1
M John Foo 4


Winners are denoted with bold font.
Round 1 (February 11 - February 17)
Dennis vs. John Ajay vs. Andrew Brian vs. Mukul Jace vs. Anthony Rahul vs. Jason Nick vs. Immanuel
Round 2 (Febraury 18 - February 24)
Andrew vs. Dennis John vs. Mukul Ajay vs. Anthony Brian vs. Jason Jace vs. Immanuel Rahul vs. Nick
Round 3 (February 25 - March 3)
Dennis vs. Mukul Andrew vs. Anthony John vs. Jason Ajay vs. Immanuel Brian vs. Nick Jace vs. Rahul
Round 4 (March 4 - March 10)
Anthony vs. Dennis Mukul vs. Jason Andrew vs. Immanuel John vs. Nick Ajay vs. Rahul Brian vs. Jace
Spring Break (March 11 - March 15)
Round 5 (March 18 - March 24)
Dennis vs. Jason Anthony vs. Immanuel Mukul vs. Nick Andrew vs. Rahul John vs. Jace Ajay vs. Brian
Round 6 (March 25 - March 31)
Immanuel vs. Dennis Jason vs. Nick Anthony vs. Rahul Mukul vs. Jace Andrew vs. Brian John vs. Ajay
Round 7 (April 1 - April 7)
Dennis vs. Nick Immanuel vs. Rahul Jason vs. Jace Anthony vs. Brian Mukul vs. Ajay Andrew vs. John
Round 8 (April 8 - April 14)
Rahul vs. Dennis Nick vs. Jace Immanuel vs. Brian Jason vs. Ajay Anthony vs. John Mukul vs. Andrew
Round 9 (April 15 - April 21)
Dennis vs. Jace Rahul vs. Brian Nick vs. Ajay Immanuel vs. John Jason vs. Andrew Anthony vs. Mukul
Round 10 (April 22 - April 28)
Brian vs. Dennis Jace vs. Ajay Rahul vs. John Nick vs. Andrew Immanuel vs. Mukul Jason vs. Anthony
Round 11 (April 29 - May 5)
Dennis vs. Ajay Brian vs. John Jace vs. Andrew Rahul vs. Mukul Nick vs. Anthony Immanuel vs. Jason
Playoffs (May 6 May 12)
To be announced!

Previous Seasonal Tournament results can be found here.



We hold free tournaments, open to everyone, once every two to four weeks at our usual meeting time, Friday at 5 pm. Our typical format is a BYP (bring your partner) format. Of course, if you come alone, we will find a partner on your behalf. Facebook events will be posted a week before and if ten new players RSVP and show up, we may provide pizza.

Here are the results of our tournaments from this semester:

Previous tournament results can be found here.

Other events

On non-tournament weeks, we will hold general body meetings. For a few hours, players are encouraged to come and play with other members of the club, take part in lessons, or participate in other small impromptu events. And like the tournaments, Facebook events will be posted a week before and if ten new players RSVP and show up, we may provide pizza.

Tutorials and videos

A nice set of tutorials for advanced Foosball shots, passes, and fun tricks.

Matches from the professional Independent Foosball Promotions tour