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Delta Upsilon International

Delta Upsilon was founded in 1834 at Williams College by thirty students who were frustrated by the unjust political nature of fraternities and based fully upon merit. This philosophy ushered a new era in fraternity life and today, all our rituals, initiations and principles are still open to the public. We encourage you to visit us and learn more about our history as the 6th oldest fraternity and the 1st national non-secret fraternity.

Delta Upsilon is committed to building better men through our four founding principles: Promotion of Friendship, Advancement of Justice, Development of Character, and Diffusion of Liberal Culture. There are no secrets with Delta Upsilon. No secret rituals. No secret oaths. No hazing. We are proud of what DU stands for and proud to be the world's only international fraternity committed to sharing our ideals; symbols, and rituals openly.