Carnegie Delta Upsilon

Here at Carnegie Mellon, the tradition began in 1917 with a group of men who believed in its founding principles of the Promotion of Friendship, Development of Character, Diffusion of Liberal Culture, and Advancement of Justice. Today, the fraternity is poised to make a comeback with our re-colonization last year. We are seeking men of the highest calibre to join our group of Founding Fathers, and help progress Delta Upsilon to a premiere fraternity focused on developing members into men based on our principles.

Being a new group, we are in the unique position of having the opportunity and resources to discover our niche on campus and the legacy that we will ultimately leave behind for future generations. This Fall presents an exciting third semester of our colonization, as it may be the last. Our main goal is to once again charter officially as a Delta Upsilon chapter and become a permanent installation at Carnegie Mellon. Two resources unique to our organization have been instrumental to our success. Our extensive nationwide alumni network has been graciously enthusiastic, supportive and generous this past year and our international organization offers distinctive opportunities in the form of leadership seminars, educational conferences, and international service trips.

This semester, we are looking forward to showcasing these features of our organization and taking a greater involvement on campus. Our hope is to see many of you take advantage of our non-secrecy to get an in-depth point of view on what fraternity life has to offer.

Make the most of this opportunity to define your future and your influence on the global community: join a fraternity; become a Founding Father.