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All e-mail addresses are in the domain and have been truncated for brevity.

Name Class/Major Contact
Andrew Nadig President 2015 MCS awnadig@
John "JRAM" Retterer-Moore Tournament Director 2014 Computer Science/Math jrettere@
Claire Janke Treasurer 2014 Computer Science cjanke@
David Stevens Secretary 2015 Computer Science dgstevens@

Other People

Name Class/Major Contact
Your Name Here! Witty Saying about you here! Your Class/Major Here! Your andrew ID preceded by an at sign here!


We would like to also acknowledge the kind assistance provided by our two three two advisors.

Dwight Kidder

A native of Washington, PA, Dwight graduated from Cornell University with Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering. Dwight participated in academic competition throughout high school and college, and is currently a writer and Executive Director at National Academic Quiz Tournaments, LLC (external link).

Although Dwight frequently advises the team on various matters, he does not play on the Carnegie Mellon teams in tournaments. Dwight more often plays as a one-man team, with particularly fearsome skills in the field of TRASH.

Dwight's weblog, "S'anyway... (external link)", contains various insightful commentaries on topics selected at random. Dwight's other web page (External Link), the Fraught Machine, is somewhat light in content, but contains the ever-useful Reference Desk.

Peter Freeman

Ever devoted to increasing the number of founders of other school's teams and NAQT board members attending our practices, the Carnegie Mellon College Bowl team achieved a major coup when they hired Peter to join the Statistics Department's faculty.

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