Welcome to the CMU Peer-Advisor Program

Please fill out the survey below. The information you give us will be used to match you with your peer-advisor that will lead your peer-advisor group. Please answer all the questions to the best of your knowledge. If you have any problems or questions, please email cmuap@cmu.edu

First Name     Last Name
Your Andrew userid: @andrew.cmu.edu
1. Do you use AIM? Yes   No
2. What is your gender? Male   Female
3. What is your race or ethnic background? White/Caucasian
Asian/Pacific Islander
Hispanic/Mexican American
4. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Yes   No

5. Do you own a laptop?

Yes   No

6. Which email application do you use to read your email?

Outlook/Outlook Express

7. Do you own a cellphone?

Yes   No

8. How much do you agree with the following statements about yourself?
Please mark your response.

Strongly disagree Moderately disagree Neutral Moderately agree Strongly agree
a. I watch TV very frequently
b. I use a personal computer very frequently
c. I use the World Wide Web very frequently
d. I use email very frequently
e. I use instant messaging (e.g., ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger) very frequently
f. I play computer games very frequently
g. I spend a lot of time participating in school or community activities
h. I spend a lot of time with friends
i. I belong to many organizations
j. I spend a lot of time working alone
k. I spend a lot of time by myself

9. What activities are do you plan to get involved with in college? Please select all that apply.

  1. Yearbook/Publications
  2. Student government
  3. Sports/Athletics
  4. Art/Art appreciation
  5. Music/Instrument/Voice/Theatre
  6. Science/Engineering projects
  7. Academic teams/competitions
  8. Political groups
  9. Model UN, Model Congress
  10. Games and hobby groups
  11. Religious groups
  12. Volunteer groups
10. How frequently do you use the following technologies for communication?
Never Every few months Every few weeks 1-2 days a week 3-5 days a week About once a day Several times a day
a. Landline phone
b. Cellular phone
c. E-mail
d. Instant messaging
Please list your class schedule for the upcoming semester. (include classes and times)